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The sports coaching program that helps today's children become confident adults


Verdict from a very discerning 4 year old customer after his first Enjoy-a-Ball class: “It’s crackin !”

You clearly are a connoisseur Tristan.


My older son started enjoy a ball in September and he absolutely loves it. He finds it fun, very active and enjoys the variety. The classes are small which really helps. The teacher (Madz) is brilliant. My younger son wants to join too!



When asked what he would like for Christmas, Luca (Age 6) replied: "I would like a whole room full of Enjoy-a-Ball!"  Now that sounds like the perfect gift.

Andy H Enjoy-a-Ball Newcastle


Thank you to Hip Hop Hannah for helping to make Emily’s 5th Birthday Party so fantastic. She was amazing with all the kids, so organized and helpful, and great fun! I would highly recommend an Enjoy-a-Ball party.  And we will probably be having one again next year!



Andy is absolutely brilliant with the children he works with! My son attended Enjoy a ball at Coxlodge community centre at around age four, before he was officially diagnosed as Autistic and Dyspraxic and I could see he was struggling. Since then my son’s school have taken on Andy to help support children like Aiden to help with coordination problems and I have to say Aiden has come on so far! I would never have believed his coordination would improve so much and it’s so satisfying to see Aiden finally enjoying sport.

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