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The sports coaching program that helps today's children become confident adults


Just wanted to drop you a wee note to say how fantastic Coach Tasha was at Brodie's birthday party. She was brilliant with all the kids and it made for a very stress free party. Brodie did quite literally have a ball.
Please pass on out many thanks again to her - Emma Happell



Amazing! My three daughters all go to Enjoy-a-Ball and they love it. It has changed their lives. Thank you.


Jack was once the little boy who wouldn't join in, wouldn't take turns, follow instructions etc, but now Jack loves Enjoy-a-Ball and has learnt to share. He lines up well for the games, mixes with the other children and joins in. It really has given him confidence and he has lots of fun too. Victoria Ware - Jack's Mummy


There is a noticeable difference between the children who have attended Enjoy-a-Ball sessions and those who haven't, those who have are more well rounded and confident in their ability and approach to sports in general, it has given them a wonderful start in sport. - Amber


Andy has worked with a group of our children with special educational needs delivering the Enjoy-a-Ball program every week for over a year. The skills and agility of each child has shown significant improvement. The children have all grown in confidence and built up relationships between each other, but most importantly they have thoroughly enjoyed the sessions. Andy provides a fun and engaging learning session which is tailored to the individual needs each of child. His patience, calmness and fun delivery engages our children. They look forward to their session every week, and we look forward to continuing to work with Andy for Enjoy-a-Ball. - Rebecca Turner, Deputy Head Teacher, Archibald First School.

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