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My child can’t skip

Opinion piece

“My ten year old child can’t skip. It is hilarious!”

You know when you are standing at the school gate waiting for your child and you happen to overhear conversations?

Well, the above mentioned statement and the banter that followed, comparing children’s woeful lack of physical skills left me in a state of…sadness. It used to be rage, but that is wasting the energy I could be using to try and show people that they are doing their children a HUGE injustice.

It is our responsibility to give our children the skills to feel comfortable with movement, physical skills and sport.

Yes, these skills have to be taught, and children learn through repetition and practice, and when it gets tough, they are going to want to stop – by encouraging them to continue we give them so much more than just physical skills, we give them the ability to persevere when it is not easy. Another skill we all need at various points in life.

So, instead of just hoping that nature (or nursery / school) will miraculously give your child the skills they need to be confident in the playground or taking part in sport or any other physical activity, be pro-active and actually help them to develop the building blocks of movement from a young age. Classes such as the Enjoy-a-Ball programme, is also an easy way to ensure that your child will develop physical and sports skills that will have a lifelong impact. “One of the most important parts of our mission here at Enjoy-a-Ball is inspiring children to move!  And to give them the skills to feel confident in movement and sport.”

The fact that you are giving them skills that will help them to be active for life and will help to protect them from the consequences of physical inactivity will be your reward. If that is not enough – the fact that a strong foundation of physical skills also has an impact on their academic abilities should make it even more attractive to make sure that your child gets out there and learn the ABC’s of movement.

“The WHO now recognises physical inactivity as the fourth leading risk factor for mortality from non- communicable diseases, and the economic costs associated with physical inactivity is staggering…”

Not a laughing matter at all.


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