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About Enjoy-a-Ball

The sports coaching programme that helps today's children become confident adults

Thanks very much for the great class. Nathan loves Enjoy-a-Ball and raves about it to anyone who will listen! You have a great ability to really get on the same level as the kids and I never fail to be impressed by your patience and enthusiasm

Our Values

At Enjoy-a-Ball our mission is to teach as many kids as we can the skills that will give them the ability and confidence to choose to be active, and remain so, for life. We are a very committed and passionate bunch so please forgive us if we go on a bit about our values!

Enjoy-a-Ball Coaches

"Thanks very much for the great class. Nathan loves Enjoy-a-Ball and raves about it to anyone who will listen! You have a great ability to really get on the same level as the kids and I never fail to be impressed by your patience and enthusiasm."

Our coaches are the “face" of Enjoy-a-Ball. They are a carefully selected group of people, trained to a very high standard and with an acute awareness of the impact they can have in a child’s life. They have several characteristics in common:
  • Passionate about sports coaching for children, developing children's fitness, sporting ability and life skills.
  • Communicate exceptionally well with children.
  • Natural sporting ability.
  • Positive energy and an abundance of patience.
The health, safety and welfare of your child is very important to us. Coaches are subject to a full police check (DBS – England & Wales, PVG Scotland) and they adhere to our strict child protection policy and guidelines (Child Protection Policy).Coaches also have current First-Aid and insurance certificates.

Our story so far…

Enjoy-a-Ball launched its first centre in the UK in 1998 and we are still going strong - even though there are quite a few more grey hairs and wrinkles amongst the group than when we first started! Since those early days we have been joined by a fabulous group of franchisees and coaches, who we feel very privileged to work with. It is very much like a family – we have our moments of laughter and tears but we are all united in our passion to provide the best foundation for the development of physical and sports skills in children. Some of our best moments have been meeting Enjoy-a-Ballers who attended classes 15+ years ago. If you feel that you have what it takes to join our team and be a part of our future, please get in touch. We would love to hear from you.


Associations and Memberships

  • Founding Member of the Children’s’ Activities Association
  • International Physical Literacy Association
  • Class 4 Kids

Info for grown-ups

If your question isn’t on our list, please get in touch. We always enjoy a chat and will do our best to help.
We are not in the business of creating sports stars; we are in the business of teaching kids movement, sport and life skills that will help them to stay active and healthy for life. If we do spot a talented child we will guide them to the appropriate sport’s governing body.
Your child’s Enjoy-a-Ball coach will take their age; personality as well as their skill level into consideration once they have attended their first session to make sure that they will get the maximum benefit from Enjoy-a-Ball. If you have any questions about the suitably of the class you are attending, please discuss this with your coach or ask them to contact you at a convenient time.
Our programme is structured so that we can accept enrolments throughout the school term. If you have missed the start of a term there is no need to panic, we might still be able to accommodate your booking if there are spaces available in the class of your choice. Fees are calculated based on when you start lessons so you will not be charged for the full term.,
Enjoy-a-Ball coaches know what the developmental milestones for children are and if there is any concern they will discuss it with you. Remember that children develop at different rates. Don’t worry if your child hasn’t reached certain milestones that other children the same age have. And keep in mind that development is a journey, not a race.
Unfortunately, many kids stop playing sport because of a negative experience or a bad start in gaining early fundamental skills. Our objective is to make your child’s first experiences in a sports coaching environment happy and memorable. We teach in a caring, positive and fun-filled environment. Research has shown that the number one reason kids play sport is to have fun. That makes our goal very simple: To put the FUN into sport.
No, there are no charges for joining EAB. You pay for the weekly sessions.
The only thing we do ask is that you give us four weeks paid notice if you decide to stop attending classes. The reason we do this is because we offer small classes and it gives us a chance to fill the space from our waiting lists.
Please contact your local Enjoy-a-Ball provider to get up to date information on charges.
Comfortable & suitable shoes for running around in and doing sporty activities. They should also wear loose fitting clothing, such as a tracksuit, t-shirt, top, shorts (Even in winter some of the venues can be quite warm with central heating!).
A water bottle – learning new skills and having loads of fun is very thirsty work.
We do have seriously gorgeous T-shirts, but it is not a requirement that you have to purchase one for your child.
Enjoy-a-Ball coaches are trained and certified in our organization’s instructional techniques to ensure your child receives an exceptional learning experience during each session. Coaches also have additional qualifications from various sports governing bodies (UK).
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