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The sports coaching program that helps today's children become confident adults


We attended an Enjoy-a-ball class this morning and my daughter thoroughly enjoyed it. There was a wide variety of ball games and a few general fun elements too. My daughter is not particularly sporty but this catered for a variety of abilities and we look forward to coming back. Thank you Rebecca.


My son Henry absolutely loves coming. He is quite shy and the team are really good in getting him to join in. I like the fact he does different stuff each week that he wouldn't do usually. He hasn't stopped talking about basketball. All three ladies who do the class are lovely and really engaging with the children. Would recommend to anyone.


Verdict from a very discerning 4 year old customer after his first Enjoy-a-Ball class: “It’s crackin !”

You clearly are a connoisseur Tristan.


My older son started enjoy a ball in September and he absolutely loves it. He finds it fun, very active and enjoys the variety. The classes are small which really helps. The teacher (Madz) is brilliant. My younger son wants to join too!



When asked what he would like for Christmas, Luca (Age 6) replied: "I would like a whole room full of Enjoy-a-Ball!"  Now that sounds like the perfect gift.

Andy H Enjoy-a-Ball Newcastle

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