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Holiday Clubs with Enjoy-a-Ball

Enjoy-a-Ball Summer Holiday Clubs are 100% active fun.
Enjoy-a-Ball Summer Holiday Clubs are 100% active fun.

Its summertime and the holiday clubs are very Enjoy-a-Ball

The summer holidays are upon us. “We are only just recovering from the last break!” I hear you say. Oh what to do with the children with the Summer Break stretching endlessly ahead of us – are the kids just going to watch TV, play computer games, argue and drive us up the wall 🙄  (Other than the 2 week life-saving break somewhere warm and sunny – if you are lucky.)  Fear not. With a bit of resourceful planning we should all get through it in one piece and just slightly emotionally and mentally strained.

The obvious choice is of course:

Enjoy-a-Ball Holiday Clubs

Have a look here to see if you are fortunate enough to have a fabulous Enjoy-a-Ball provider in your area. With activities sure to have your kids exhausted by the time you collect them it is a win-win situation.

The day will kick off with some team building games and activities where the children are encouraged to make new friends. After that, children try out a wide range of ball sports such as basketball, hockey, football, tag rugby, handball, dodgeball, volleyball, and many more with creative games guaranteed to capture your child’s imagination – lots of fun, running and laughter.

Enjoy the summer and we hope it is filled with loads of sunshine and happy memories created.

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