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Kids should drink more water

Yes, we agree – kids should drink more water.

But how can you convince the children that it is a great idea, if they don’t think it is?

If, like me, you know a number of kids who love drinking water, you will feel even more stressed by the fact that your offspring (my own included, I should add) need to be duct-taped and force-fed a glass of the clear stuff, or bribed with promises of anything their little (or not so little, if you have tweens as well) hearts desire. I have even launched into conversations about the amazing benefits of water for the body, quoting scientific facts, and only just stopped short of producing spreadsheets and a PowerPoint presentation. Normally my kids’ blank (bored) stares snaps me out of the PowerPoint moment.

So without further ado, here are a few tricks that might (I add “might??? as I am also still working on it) help them to love (eventually) a glass of “tap-juice???:


In an ideal scenario, children will drink water because it’s the only thing they’re used to drinking besides milk.  Try to avoid giving them fruit juice, fizzy drinks or other sweetened beverages, or only give it to them occasionally (without making it a big deal. So, no, it is not a treat for being good).


Drinking it doesn’t have to be boring and it doesn’t have to be flavorless.  What we’re trying to prevent is added sugar, not added taste.  Add fresh fruit to their water!  Oranges, strawberries, kiwi, blackberries, blueberries, are all good choices.  You can add them straight to the water for taste, or freeze them in ice cubes for a splash of color and a delayed burst of flavor!


Children love independence.  Allow them to get it themselves – either by a water dispenser on your fridge or in easy-to-reach jugs on your kitchen counter. Kids who are too young to get the water themselves may enjoy having their own water bottle that they can grab off the table. You may just need to help them fill it up.


If they see you drinking water, they’ll be more likely to do so as well.  Everyone in the family can have their own water bottle to fill up throughout the day.  If you’ll be out during the summer – freeze them overnight and you’ll have ice water ready, which will stay cooler outside.


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