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Life skills for children

Enjoy-a-Ball | Fundamental movement; sports and life skills for kids
Enjoy-a-Ball | Fundamental movement; sports and life skills for kids

Life skills? For children? From their Enjoy-a-Ball sports coaching class?

We all have this awareness that our children will need to have a working knowledge (at least) and solid grounding in STEM (science; technology; engineering and maths) as well as the obligatory language based skills of reading and writing. This applies to most people who do not fancy a life on a deserted island far away from all tech. (Why does that sound so very tempting?)

From teachers to doctors to PA’s. Everyone will have to be able to work with increasingly complicated and technical equipment.  So does that mean that this is where our main focus should be?

Erm…no. It is not that straight forward. There is another set of skills that all children need in order to succeed.

Life skills.

“Almost every employer, in every occupation, prefers candidates who are confident (not arrogant!); knows how to problem solve; can communicate; can be creative in thinking and analysis; can work collaboratively.”  The employer

I can already hear your mind whirring away trying to plan how you are going to fit this into you and your child’s already action-packed schedule. Relax. Far from taking time away from current activities, these skills can all be worked into existing activities and lessons, both in school and in extra-curricular classes and groups.

That brings us nicely to Enjoy-a-Ball…

At Enjoy-a-Ball we are super passionate about the fundamental movement and sport skills that our Enjoy-a-Ballers learn while they are with us. We are equally hyped about the life skills that their coaches pass on and because it is so much fun they never even guess that their multi-sport class is providing them with abilities they can use for the rest of their lives.  A win-win situation if ever you were looking for one.

Some of the skills we bring to the party when we are doing sports coaching for children:

Concentration ● Independence ● Social interaction ● Confidence ● Persistence ● Courage ● Co-operation ● Decision making ● Sportsmanship ● Respect – for yourself and others ● Decision making ● Goal Setting

And now that we have your attention – we will be writing a few Blogs focusing on these life skills.

For those of you suppressing a yawn. It will be scintillating!


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