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Sports Quizzes and Factoids

Quizzes for Enjoy-a-Ball@home

We have put together a few sporty quizzes and word searches which you can print off and complete. It is great fun and will help you to improve your sports general knowledge – a sure way to impress your Enjoy-a-Ball coach the next time you come to class.

See if Mum, Dad & the family can answer any of the questions too.

Quiz: Name the ball / item & the sport

Can you identify the ball / item and what sport it is used in? Some of them are quite tricky. Good luck!


Sporty quiz 1

How good is your sporty general knowledge? Don’t worry if you can not answer all the questions – you will be learning new and interesting facts that might come in handy one day.


Sporty Quiz 2

Another test of of your sporting knowledge. How many answers do you know without having to investigate further?


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