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Top tips for a very Enjoy-a-Ball party

The sports coaching program that helps today's children become confident adults

Are you stressing out at the mere thought of organising another birthday party?

Fear not. With Enjoy-a-Ball, as well as a few helpful tips from some of our parents, you can create an unforgettable and very enjoyable day for your child, their guests and, yes, even you.

Step 1:

Contact Enjoy-a-Ball.
We create occasions of joy and celebration, where your child can be comfortable, happy, and have loads of active fun. Oh, and did we mention – all this comes with limited stress for the adults.
Enjoy-a-Ball coaches want your child’s special day to be happy and memorable (for all the right reasons!). Our expertise in children’s sports coaching combined with our fun-loving nature; make us the ideal party facilitators.

Step 2:

Some more tried and tested tips that will smooth the way to your child’s birthday bash. (Thank you to our lovely Enjoy-a-Ball parents for sharing their wisdom).

  • Nail down the specifics. There are a few questions you’ll have to address: When is the party going to be? How long will it last? Where is it going to be? Is there anything going on communally or culturally that would prevent other children from coming?

  • Book your party well in advance – coaches get booked up very quickly and some are booked for months in advance. That does not mean we will not try and help if you have left it a bit late.  We all know how hectic life can get.

  • Decide on your party venue and get it booked ASAP as halls can be very popular and over sub-scribed in some areas. Your Enjoy-a-Ball coach will be able to give advice if you need any help with finding a suitable space.

  • Around 10 – 14 days before The Day: Send invitations. Give the date, time, address, directions, your phone number for RSVPs, and if special dress or preparation is called for. To make your life easier we have Enjoy-a-Ball Invitations that inform parents that children should be wearing footwear suitable for running around in and having epic amounts of fun. (For girls who love dresses: Perfect – just add trainers.)

  • Set your RSVP date for four days prior to the party, that way, three days prior you can chase up any stragglers. (Refer back to “We all know how hectic life can get.”)

  • Check ahead for food allergies if you don’t know all the children personally. It can be disconcerting to have a four-year-old come to a party and not be able to eat the cake.

  • On that note: Organise your menu and make a shopping list. (Use the following as your mantra: ‘Keep it simple, but a bit more than just cake’. Think sandwiches, fruit…). Don’t forget party drinks. Water anyone?

  • Make sure you have matches to light the candles on the cake.

  • Make sure you have a camera. (Check that all of the parents are happy for their children to be included in photographs.)

  • If parents are dropping children off, confirm the pick-up time and be sure you have a contact number in case of emergency. Your Enjoy-a-Ball coach will provide you with a suitable document to record these details.

Step 3:

Most importantly…don’t get yourself into a knot.
There are many factors to consider when planning a child’s birthday party and stress shouldn’t be one of them. Remember that every family and child is unique and the ultimate goal is to have a fun and a memorable birthday party for your child.

Now breathe out slowly, and ENJOY!