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Vitamin Zzzz – Why is sleep so important?

Sleep and kids infographic
Please let me sleep!

As parents we are all aware of the fact that it is very important that our children get enough sleep – quantity AND quality. Even though we all know this, chances are that we are still somewhat oblivious to just how vital getting a healthy night’s sleep can be, and let’s be honest – when the kids start putting up a fuss about going to bed, it is just so much easier to give in and let them stay up. After all it is the holidays / my friends stay up / you are the world’s worst parent for not letting me do what I want to and I hate you…or is that last one just from my kids???

Scientists have conducted loads of tests and other boring science-y things to arrive at the conclusion that just like a healthy diet and exercise, sleep is critical for children to stay healthy, grow, learn, do well in school, and function at their best. And the last time I checked that is what we as parents wanted for our offspring.

So how is it possible that good old Vitamin Zzzz may actually be helping kids fight obesity, avoid colds, and succeed in school?

When you sleep your body has a chance to check all systems, carry out repairs and replenish energy for all systems to function again properly the next day.

The Brain and Vit. Zzzz

That “computer in your head” is absolutely amazing and is still a huge mystery that scientists and doctors are trying to decipher.  What we do know for a fact is:

And we all know what happens when our darlings do not get enough sleep:

The Body and Vit. Zzzz

In addition to producing growth hormone essential to your child’s development, sleep allows the production of hormones which help:

After all of that I think I am ready for a nice long nap. But, how much sleep do I need…? Thank goodness we do not need to lose any sleep over that question – just read the guidelines from our friends at Nestmaven.

Sleep tight everyone!

…just before I nod off; here are some more links that will hopefully not lull you to sleep…



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