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Physical literacy

Just as children are taught the alphabet and phonics as a starting point to being able to read, or basic number facts before moving on to Algebra, our Enjoy-a-Ballers are taught essential / fundamental skills that give them the confidence and ability to progress to sport specific skills. As an example:
The overarm throw consists of a sequence of four movements: a stride, hip rotation, body rotation, and forward arm movement.

  • Physi-Ballers (Age 18 months – 3 years) will throw a ball and generally there will not be a lot of movement in the legs and very little rotation of the body. Arm movement is from the back to the front of the body.

  • Bee-Boppers (Age 3 – 4) will start to rotate their body to get more force into the throw and there is more awareness of where the ball is going (aiming).

  • Play Ballers (Age 4 -6) will incorporate all the elements of the overhand throw. There is an obvious stride and they use their body rotation and arm speed to increase the velocity of the ball.

  • Champs (Age 6 – 9) will further enhance and fine-tune their skills so that they can bowl a cricket ball or pitch a baseball.

It takes practice and a structured approach to learn to move with confidence.