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Why choose Enjoy a Ball for coaching children in sports

The sports coaching program that helps today's children become confident adults.

A very good question. So why should you choose Enjoy-a-Ball as an activity provider for your child?

"Our program is child-development centred rather than purely sport centred."

Developed by experts

Our award winning* multi-sports programme was developed by physiotherapists, occupational therapists and PE specialists with the goal of giving children a solid foundation in movement and sports skills, as well as social skills.

* We are very proud that our programme and coaches have won numerous awards and nominations from What’s On 4 and Netmums

Small class sizes

We are passionate about delivering excellence at every level – that is why we limit our class sizes to 12. This means more attention and support for your child so that they can get maximum benefit from every session.

Physical literacy

Just as children are taught the alphabet and phonics as a starting point to being able to read, or basic number facts before moving on to Algebra, our Enjoy-a-Ballers are taught essential / fundamental skills that give them the confidence and ability to progress to sport specific skills. As an example:
The overarm throw consists of a sequence of four movements: a stride, hip rotation, body rotation, and forward arm movement.

  • Physi-Ballers (Age 18 months – 3 years) will throw a ball and generally there will not be a lot of movement in the legs and very little rotation of the body. Arm movement is from the back to the front of the body.

  • Bee-Boppers (Age 3 – 4) will start to rotate their body to get more force into the throw and there is more awareness of where the ball is going (aiming).

  • Play Ballers (Age 4 -6) will incorporate all the elements of the overhand throw. There is an obvious stride and they use their body rotation and arm speed to increase the velocity of the ball.

  • Champs (Age 6 – 9) will further enhance and fine-tune their skills so that they can bowl a cricket ball or pitch a baseball.

It takes practice and a structured approach to learn to move with confidence.

Multi-sports programme

We teach 10 different ball sports to give your child a broad range of skills and sporting experiences. We do this because we know that they are far more likely to stay interested in sport and try new activities if they feel confident and positive about their skill levels in a number of different areas.
And let’s face it – it is so much more exciting to enjoy a different sport every week!

Life skills

Participating in sport is one of the best things you can ever encourage your children to do. Whether it is handball, football, baseball or tennis – getting children involved with sport will equip them with skills that will set them up for life.
Just some of the things we manage to slip into the mix without the Enjoy-a-Ballers even realising is:

  • Practice makes you better – kids can see the results that come from repeating certain skills in order to perfect them.

  • Teamwork – sessions provide an opportunity for kids to learn to take turns, set goals, and cooperate with other children to achieve those goals.

  • Feedback doesn’t mean failure – our coaches know how to offer constructive feedback in a positive way. This can make kids more respectful and receptive when taking advice from others. (Even their parents. Yes, really!).

Every child is a valued member of the team

Our younger Enjoy-a-Ballers have a Reward Chart and they collect stickers in recognition of their efforts (We love the chart – it is so much better than a fridge, car window, or our personal favourite: the T-shirt, which gets sticky-bits on everything in the washing machine!).
As Enjoy-a-Ballers get older we recognise and reward good sportsmanship, good manners, perseverance and courage, by awarding a floating trophy at the end of every lesson. Every child in the class will win it, so get that camera ready to capture the look of pride in your child’s eyes when it’s their turn.